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January 11, 2014



Eleonor - your place is lovely! I've lived in a very small house for years (1,800) with four people, a very large dog and at times a cat, bird and numerous hamsters. It's cozy but we have enough and the convenience on not having to cross a bridge is a huge bonus. Our rule - when you bring in a new item an item of the same size must leave. That cuts down on the clutter! Enjoy you new home!


Good morning, I was googling and found your adorable little matchboxes on your Dec 29-2010 post. I'm curious though, your matchbox shows 2 nuggets fitting perfectly, and other SU matchbox dies show them holding 4 nuggets. Did you adapt your box somehow to only hold two? I know this is ancient history, but I think they are so cute I just had to ask. :0)
Thank you, kindly,


Hi karen. Yes, it is a modified template. I will find it in my files (I have lots) and send it to you. Send me an email by clicking on the email me button to the left of this page and then I can reply to your email wit the file :)


Oh you are so sweet - thank you very much. I am actually having trouble with your email button, though. Nothing happens when I click on it. I had tried the other day but resorted to replying on this post, because I couldn't get your email me button to work.
Hmmmm... I don't want to leave my email here. I'm going to be going out of town for the weekend, and I'll check back in on Monday and try the email button again.
Thank you SO very much. I greatly appreciate it.

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